Divine Light Of God Ministeries Pakistan

DLG Ministries passionately serves communities through diverse initiatives, embodying a spirit of compassion and transformation. We distribute free food and ensure none go hungry, nourishing lives with love and sustenance. Through our warm clothes distribution, we wrap individuals in warmth and dignity, providing comfort during challenging times.

We are also distributing the Bibles and spreading the wisdom and solace of scriptures, igniting hope and enlightenment. We are dedicated to fighting oppression, we empower the marginalized, fostering a world where freedom and justice prevail.

Additionally, DLG Ministries actively working to build orphanage houses, providing secure havens for vulnerable children. In our outreach area efforts, we reach distant areas, sharing the timeless wisdom of the Bible, touching hearts and changing lives.

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Our Vision

Dedicated to upholding human dignity and propagating the transformative message of Love, Peace, and Hope.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to uplift and nurture unreached communities, promoting their well-being and fostering Christian formation.

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Our Team Leaders

As the team leader of Divine Light of God Ministries, We are entrusted with overseeing the daily operations and successful implementation of our programs and projects.

Mark Webb
Mark Webb
Founder and Chairman
Founder and Chairman of Divine Light of God Ministries Pakistan
Jerolyn Webb
Jerolyn Webb
Founder and Chairperson
Founder and Chairperson of Divine Light of God Ministries Pakistan
Rachel James Johnes
Akash Obaid
Founder and Chairman
Founder and Chairman of Divine Light of God Ministries Pakistan

Objectives of Dvine Light of God Ministries

Welcome to Divine Light of God Ministries Pakistan, We are here to help everyone in need and changing their lives in the name of God Almighty.

Our Expert Volunteers

In Divine Light of God Ministries, our team members are responsible for the day-to-day functioning, and implementing of its programmes and projects

Team Member
Nabeela Akash
Program Manager
Nabeela Akash is not only ambitious but also a woman of deep faith and devotion to God.
Team member
Anum Abid
Anum possesses exceptional talent and the skills to synergize our collective endeavors.
Team Member
Rukhsana Abid
Event Management
Rukhsana possesses exceptional talent and also a women of deep faith in God.
Team Member
Abid Masih
Team Manager
Abid Masih is not only ambitious but also a man of deep faith and unwavering devotion to God.
Team Member
Wishal Abid
Wishal is a remarkable individual with extraordinary talents, coupled with a profound faith in God.